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Fringe Fever: Incorporating Fringe Accents into Dress Design


It’s been called “fringe fever” – and it’s sweeping the design world! Everywhere you look, fashion labels are embracing the trend of fringe accents in dress designs. No longer seen as just a touch of Boho chic, fringe is now a modern and avant-garde look seen everywhere from runway shows to everyday casualwear. But what is fringe fever really all about? And how exactly do you incorporate it into your own wardrobe? Read on to learn more about this exciting fashion movement and get inspiration to add a little bit of fringe to your wardrobe today!
Fringe Fever: Incorporating Fringe Accents into Dress Design

1. Exploring the Trend: What is Fringe Fever?

From the fringed lace skirt to the iconic saddlebag, fringed fashion pieces have been leading the trend for the past few seasons.

Gone are the days when harbingers of a fashion revival had to suffer for months before getting their desired products out in the market. Today, fringe is seen everywhere from accessories to apparel.

  • Style Impact. Bohemian fringes add a casual-cool aura to any outfit that is hard to beat. You can dress up your everyday look and give it a fashionable upgrade by flaunting fringed skirts, sandals, and bags.
  • Gender Neutral. The interest in fringe is in no way gender or age specific. Both men and women are donning silhouettes with fringe offerings.

Fringe is also coming up strong in home decor. Throw blankets, tapestries and upholstery have leapt onto the bandwagon to create a unique look for any room.

Fashion designers seem to have embraced the trend. From Christian Dior to Michael Kors, everyone seems to be on board. Not just on the runways, but street fashion has also got a hold of the fringe trend.

Fringe has been injecting volumes of fashion statements into the ever-changing fashion scene. Whether you rock fringed jackets, bags, dresses or sandals, you are sure to make your presence felt.

1. Exploring the Trend: What is Fringe Fever?

2. Unlocking a New Look: Incorporating Fringe Accents into Dress Design

Adding a few dramatic fringe accents to a dress design can make an ordinary outfit into something stunning. To add some extra flair and pizzazz, luxury designers such as Chanel and Miu Miu have included extravagant fringe accents into their garments for a unique and fashionable look.

Deciding on the Right Length

Fringe accents can look great as long as they’re the correct length for the design. Short fringes should not extend longer than the waist of the garment and should never hang on the floor. Longer fringes can extend lower than the waist but need to be able to move with the motion of the dress or skirt.

Layering with Different Colors

  • Opt for varying colors that complement the overall color of the dress.
  • Different bright shades can be combined together to create a unique blend of colors.
  • Creating an ombre effect with the layered colors can add extra depth to the fringe.
  • Keep the colors within the same color palette or choose varying shades of the same color for a cohesive look.

Adding Vibrancy to Solid Colors

Adding vibrant multi-colored fringe accents to a solid colored dress can add a stunning detail that makes the dress look like a colorful masterpiece. The rainbow of fringe gives the dress a fun, flirty style that will definitely make heads turn.

Material Matters

When it comes to fringe accents, what’s on the outside matters more than what’s on the inside. By mixing up the materials, the fringe can take the dress from average to amazing in an instant. Try using heavy materials for a bold effect, or keep it soft and airy for a gentle, feminine appearance.

3. Fringe Detail: Adding the Finishing Touches to a Standout Outfit

The Power of the Fringe

When it comes to getting your hands on a statement piece, fringes are the magic words. When espousing the power of fringes, it is vital to note the essence of these prominent accents. Whether woven into your outfit, or as an accessory, fringes have the potential to amplify the overall impact of any look.

The Finishing Touch

Adding a little bit of fringe detail to a look can have the power to transform it. Whether you want to add a bit of boho-chic appeal to your outfit, or just add a subtle statement piece to take your look to the next level, fringes are the ultimate accessory for the job. Easily orchestrated into a neutrally-toned outfit, fringe details can provide a moment of luxury and character to a look.

Choosing the Details

When shopping for details to add to your outfit, you must find pieces that harmonize with a range of colours and styles. Going for a slip dress? Add fringed wedges that catch every step. Deciding to wear a dress with an intricate lace pattern? Choose a fringed bag and delicate neckpiece in tones that complement the chosen style.

Playing Around with the Details

The beauty of fringed pieces is that they are timeless and blend seamlessly with a plethora of styles. Some fuss-free options to incorporate fringe into your look:

  • Go for a suede fringed jacket and a pair of crisp trousers.
  • Here to rock a unique style for an event? Choose a maxi dress with crotchet detailing and add intricate fringed jewellery.
  • Want a classic look with a bit of extra ‘oomph’? Add a fringed crotchet bag to a fitted dress and voila – instant pizzaz!
  • For the adventurous type, introduce fringed booties and a fringed cross-body bag to an edgy denim piece.

Ultimately, when it comes to adding details to your outfit, fringes are the ultimate gateway to a standout look. With the right pieces, you can easily add a sense of sophistication and statement-making flair to your look.

4. Trendsetter or Trendy? How to Wear Fringe Accents with Style

Fringe accents are a must-have wardrobe addition this season because they add an undeniable oomph to any outfit. So, how to wear them with style? Here are some tips that will help you look like a fashionista and not a fashion victim:

Focus on Fabrics: The fabric you choose can make or break your fringe look. Not only should it be suited for the occasion, but it should also be the kind that easily conforms to the shape of the fringe. Light fabrics such as cotton and silk can add a soft and graceful look while heavier fabrics like velvet and leather can add a modern and edgy style.

Don’t Go Overboard: When it comes to fringe accent, it’s better to take a minimalist approach. Too much fringe can make you look like you have stepped out of the Wild West Show. Stick to one or two pieces and be sure to wear it as an accent, not as the main feature.

Choose Statement Pieces: Rather than a full fringe look, accessorize with a statement piece such as a fringe bag, fringe scarf, or fringe boots. This will bring attention to the details and will have a much bigger impact than combining several fringe elements.

Know When to Tone It Down: For a more subtle look, choose pieces with tonal fringe that blend in with the piece itself. When you want to show off the fringe, go for contrasting hues that will stand out and make sure that you match the fringe with the shape of the garment.

  • Pair a suede fringe skirt with a slouchy black sweater.
  • Pair a fringed leather tank with a pair of destroyed jeans.
  • Add some fringe detailing to a wide brim hat.
  • Pair a fringed tunic with a pair of leggings.

Following these style tips will ensure that you look chic and stylish when wearing fringe accents. So be bold and make a subtle statement this season with fringe accents.

The fringe trend is here to stay! With designers creating new patterns and textures each season, this playful detail is a great way to add personality to an outfit. So get creative and get your hands on some fringe fashion that brings out your unique style!

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