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All About Lace: Embracing the Feminine Lace Dress Trend


To make a statement in fashion, look no further than the lace dress. As the time-honored garment of choice for women everywhere, lace offers both fashion and function and is an incredibly versatile item of clothing. Whether you prefer to dial up the romance with a vintage lace wedding dress or you’re looking to stay on trend with a modern lace mini-dress, lace has the power to both create and embody your personal style. With this article, we’re celebrating the timeless beauty of lace and showing you how to wear lace dresses with confidence.
All About Lace: Embracing the Feminine Lace Dress Trend

1. Celebrating the Ladylike Lace Dress Trend

Lace dresses have always been associated with femininity and ladylike grace. For the spring/summer season, they have been given a vibrant spin with a range of eye-catching colours and designs.

This trend makes it easy to add colour and texture to your wardrobe, while also creating an effortlessly chic look. Dress it up with heels and a clutch for the night, or style it down with flat sandals and a straw bag for day.

  • A perfect summer dress – airy, lightweight and beautifully crafted.
  • A range of lace hues to choose from – from white to blush pink, ruby red to navy blue.
  • Delicate detailing, such as dainty bows and slits.
  • Lace accents, such as sheer bell sleeves, peek-a-boo hems, and lace trims.
  • Styles to choose from – flirty A-lines, demure midi-dresses, cool shifts.

The beauty of the lace dress trend lies in its versatility. Ladylike elegance is paired with effortless glamour, for a look that is just right for any occasion – from a weekend brunch, to a garden party. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, the combination of feminine lace, playful colour, and a fashion-forward cut help to create an ensemble that oozes sophistication.

This seasonal trend has been embraced by the fashion elite and is becoming an iconic look for the summer. Flaunt a lace dress with signature accessories and jewellery for an on-trend look that is the perfect balance of luxury and timelessness.
1. Celebrating the Ladylike Lace Dress Trend

2. Types of Lace: Knowing Your Fabrics

Bobbin Lace: Bobbin lace is a type of lace made from threads held between pins and manipulated with bobbins, a spool-like tool. It is believed to have originated in the late 16th century in Italy. This type of lace is created by interlacing and intertwining stitches, resulting in an intricate, lacelike pattern. It is typically used to decorate clothing, bedding, curtains, and tablecloths.

Needle Lace: Needle lace is a type of lace made by creating a design with threads and needles. It is distinct from bobbin lace because of its use of only one thread, which can be manipulated to create complex patterns. Typically, needle lace is used to embellish collars, cuffs, hemlines of dresses and skirts, and other fine materials.

Tatted Lace: Tatted lace is a type of lace made with a delicate shuttle that produces a chain-like pattern. It is believed to have originated in the 17th century in Europe. Tatted lace is a great way to add intricate details to tablecloths, dress collars, veils, and other materials.

Crocheted Lace: Crocheted lace is a type of lace made with a crochet hook and simple stitches. This type of lace has become incredibly popular in recent years, as it is relatively easy to learn and can produce astounding results. Furthermore, crocheted lace can be used to decorate almost any kind of material, from curtains to clothing.

Knitted Lace: Knitted lace is a type of lace made by manipulating stitches in order to create a delicate and intricate pattern. It is very similar to crocheted lace in that it’s relatively easy to learn and it can be used to decorate almost any material. Knitted lace is often used for delicate clothing such as dresses, blouses, sweaters, and even veils.

Embroidered Lace: Embroidered lace is a type of lace made by adding extra floss and threads onto a plain material. Embroidered lace can be quite complex and requires a lot of attention to detail. It is most commonly used for home decor such as pillowcases, tablecloths, and curtains. Furthermore, it can be used to embellish clothing and bags.

3. All Eyez On You: Make a Statement with Lace

Lace is a classic fabric that can be used to make a bold statement. Its intricate designs and textures make it a perfect choice for an eye-catching garment. Whether it’s a full-length dress or a simple top, lace adds an edge to any look that’s sure to turn heads. Here are our top tips for making a fashionable statement with lace:

  • Mix and Match Colours and Textures – Pair a light-coloured lace top with a dark skirt or jeans, or experiment with two different textures of lace for a unique look.
  • Choose Interesting Details – Look for details such as bell sleeves, scalloped hem, and interesting necklines to create a piece with added personality.
  • Stay Timeless – Classic styles of lace garment will never go out of style, so pick timeless pieces you’ll be able to wear for years.

All-over lace garments are the perfect way to make a statement. For a romantic look, choose a dress with sheer sleeves or a romantic high-neckline. If you’re looking for something edgier, try a lace crop top paired with shorts or jeans, or a jacket with intricate lace detailing. Add a pair of sleek heels for a touch of sophistication to complete the look.

Make a dressier statement with a floor-length lace gown. Choose one with a classic silhouette, detailed necklines, or intricate patterned lace for an elegant evening look. Add designer jewellery or simple stilettos to your all-over lace look for even more drama.

Lace is a timeless fabric with endless possibilities – you’re sure to find the perfect lace garment to make a bold statement. With a bit of confidence and experimentation, you’ll be sure to find an eye-catching look that expresses your individual style.

4. Lace Dress Inspiration for Every Season


A lace dress for springtime is a must! Brighten up your style with a delicate dress featuring colorful embroidery. The pattern and embellishments will bring life to a simple silhouette. Accentuate the look with a pair of bright sandals or kitten heels, a bold statement necklace, and some bangles.

For a romantic and timeless look, opt for a classic white dress. Accessorize with a mini flower crown, a fringed bag, and flat gladiators. Floral motifs on the dress add to the airy and feminine feel.


For a beach-ready look, turn to a bohemian maxi dress. Stitch on tassels or try a dress with a crochet trim along the neckline and hemline. Highlight the airy feel of the dress by styling it with a straw hat and a pair of gladiator sandals.

On a hot summer day, look for lightweight, crinkled dresses with short sleeves. A wrap dress in a bright eye-catching print is perfect for a bold and preppy look. Top it off with a colorful belt and cascading earrings to add a touch of sophistication.


Welcome the chill season with layers! A thin cardigan or a turtleneck worn underneath a horizontal-striped dress adds volume to the look. Match them with ankle boots or burgundy wedges. Add a statement necklace and a brown felt hat to make it more interesting.

For a luxe feel, opt for velvet. A simple dress with team with eyelets, embroidery, or ribbon can make all the difference. Add a pair of patent leather boots, a classic belt, and a bold necklace for a modern twist.


For winter, opt for embellishments such as beading, fringes, and metallic accents. This will make the dress more glamorous. Pair it with black, red, or gray stiletto pumps for a timeless look. Put a blazer on top to add a final touch.

A shift dress with sheer long sleeves and a lace overlay is perfect for winter parties. Accessorize it with a white satin clutch, cluster earrings, and suede booties. Short faux fur coats are also great winter toppers to give a touch of elegance.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the lace dress trend – it’s staying for a while longer! Let lace be your source of feminine energy and allow yourself to be draped in this luxurious trend. So. slip on an exquisite lace piece and show the world that you can confidently express yourself!

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