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Backyard Wedding Dresses: Casual and Laid-Back Bridal Options


Searching for the perfect dress to wear at your backyard wedding but finding it hard to know where to start? Create a timeless look with these simple yet beautiful backyard wedding dresses! Not only are backyard weddings becoming increasingly popular, but they also offer brides a relaxed, stress-free setting to say “I do”. Discover a range of chic, casual, and laid-back dresses that will add a special elegance to your outdoor nuptials.
Backyard Wedding Dresses: Casual and Laid-Back Bridal Options

1. Wearing Your Style On Your Big Day: Backyard Wedding Dresses

A backyard wedding can be a great way to celebrate your big day in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. But choosing just the right dress and accessories is key, to ensure you look and feel your best. Here are some tips to help you wear your style on your special day.

  • Consider Comfort: Let’s face it, a full-hour bride’s gown may look beautiful, but it’s not always the most comfortable choice. Opt for a light and breezy dress like a maxi or A-line dress that will move with your body, and not snug up against it.
  • Pair with Heels: Picking the right heel to go with your wedding dress is vital; if you don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels, choose a pair of ankle-strap sandals that give just the right boost of height without compromising on comfort.
  • Choose a Cape or Shawl: A cape or shawl can be an incredibly chic addition to your backyard wedding look, giving you a little bit of coverage in case of cooler evenings or damp weather. Choose one in a luxe, light material that won’t take away from the look of your dress.

When it comes to accessories, you want to keep it light and natural for the best backyard wedding look. Opt for minimal, dainty jewelry like dainty earrings and necklaces that will look elegant, and complement your dress without competing with it. A light, sheer scarf or feather can also be a great way to add texture to your ensemble.

Finally, don’t forget to wear something special and unique to your wedding day. Personalized jewelry, such as a ring or necklace with your initials, or a special bracelet or headpiece can be the perfect finishing touch, to remind you of your special day.

1. Wearing Your Style On Your Big Day: Backyard Wedding Dresses

2. Natural Comfort: Casual Wedding Gowns

When planning a wedding, comfort is a key factor that should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to wedding gowns! On your special day, you want to look your absolute best, while still feeling relaxed and as comfortable as possible in your dress.

Casual wedding gowns may not be as heavily embroidered with sequins and rhinestones as formal gowns, but they still satisfy the need for comfort and they look beautiful! The light fabrics used for casual wedding gowns create a non-restricting fit that allows you to move and feel at ease throughout your entire wedding day.

Here are some of the fabrics commonly used for casual wedding gowns:

  • Linen: Light, breathable fabric with a luxurious look.
  • Cotton: Soft and airy fabric with a rustic vibe.
  • Silk: Smooth and glossy fabric with a luxurious feel.
  • Lace: Delicate fabric with a romantic look.
  • Tulle: Soft fabric with a whimsical air.
  • Organza: Lightweight and sheer fabric with a luxurious flow.

Whichever fabric you choose, you will feel comfortable and look beautiful in your casual wedding gown. To gain a more unique look, you can find a gown with an interesting take on silhouettes that don’t necessarily follow the typical lines of a traditional dress.

For instance, instead of a full A-line skirt, you can opt for a short flared skirt with a ruffled hem. You can also find dresses with wrap and tie-up details in the back, which provide some extra movement and comfort. Whatever design you choose, with a casual wedding gown, you will be able to enjoy your day with the utmost comfort.

3. Simple Elegance: Laid Back Bridal Options

It’s been done before: The walk down the aisle in a long, tulle train, with floor-length veil and bridesmaids in sweetheart necklines in tow. But more and more brides are opting for something a bit more low-key, without sacrificing style.

The Boho Bride

For the free-spirited bride, there’s an option to express her casual style. Think soft fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and lace that make for an ethereal, boho-style look. A floaty, off-the-shoulder sleeved gown with a fit-and-flare silhouette or a crochet lace jumpsuit with a detachable train – these laid-back ensembles are perfect for the laid-back bride looking to make her entrance with her unique style.

The Minimalist Bride

Less is more – the minimalist bride embraces simplicity as her bridal style. Structured gowns with clean lines and modern details create a timeless look that speaks volumes. A scalloped-edged, knee-length dress with applique lace, an off-the-shoulder shift with a keyhole back, or a modern off-the-shoulder sheath with artful ruching – there are plenty of options to make the minimalist bride stand out.

The Retro Bride

Retro styles never go out of fashion and there are plenty of gowns available for the chic bride looking for something a bit different. Go for a 50s-era tea length dress with a petticoat, a lace-edged peplum gown fit for a princess, or rock on into the 60s with a color-blocked beaded mini dress. For 2016, a retro twist to the bridal look has become the go-to for laid-back brides.

Accessorise to Perfection

Whether you’re going for boho, minimalist, or retro, the perfect accessories can take any look to the next level. Here are some of our top picks for a laid-back bridal look:

  • Wide-brimmed hats or flower crowns
  • Veil or feather headpieces
  • Bellsleeve shrugs or lace boleros
  • Pearl- and bead-trimmed accessories
  • Calf-length leather boots

So for the fuss-averse bride, it’s time to leave the long, extravagant floral train and neck to hem veil in the past and embrace the modern trend for laid-back style. Be stylishly simple!

4. Picking The Perfect Accessories To Complete The Look

Accessories can really help pull your look together, so it’s important to know how to pick the perfect ones to complete the ensemble. Your choice of accessories can make or break the look, so take your time and choose wisely! Here’s a few tips to help you pick the perfect accessories:

  • Focus on the Details: Keep in mind the small details such as textures, colors, and even shapes when selecting your accessories. Try to pick items that will compliment your outfit in a way that ties everything together.
  • Quality Matters: Remember to always opt for quality over quantity when choosing accessories. Quality accessories will not only last longer, but will also make your ensemble look more expensive.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories and styles. Try mixing different colors and textures to add depth and interest to your look.

Adding just a few quality and stylish accessories to an outfit can take a look from boring to brilliant. Make sure to choose items carefully to enhance your overall look and make a statement. Try to stick to pieces you actually love and know you’ll wear more than once. Invest in timeless staples which are more versatile, so you’ll be able to wear them in different styles and occasions.

When it comes to accessories, the sky is the limit. There’s so many possibilities to choose from, so it’s important to have fun with it! Play around and be creative with your look to find the perfect statement pieces, and you’ll have the perfect ensemble in no time.

No matter what the occasion, there’s no denying the allure of a backyard wedding. Thanks to the many great backyard wedding dresses available today, brides can find the perfect option for any ceremony. These laid-back and casual gowns make it easy to look your best and celebrate in perfect comfort and style.

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