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Dressing the Stars: Designers Behind Red Carpet Gowns


From Oscars dresses that turn heads to prestigious awards ceremony ensembles that are simply unforgettable, fashion designers are the ones that put their heart and soul into dressing the stars for the grandest red carpet events. Meet the creative minds behind these gowns that have captured the attention of the world.
Dressing the Stars: Designers Behind Red Carpet Gowns

1. Dressing the Celebrities: Inspiring Designers of Red Carpet Gowns

Galliano Dior:

John Galliano is often credited as the leader in the current epoch of Hollywood glamour. His out-of-the-box take on couture shines on the red carpets of Hollywood, providing celebrities with the chance to stand out with a possibility of cementing themselves in fashion history. His iconic designs have been a go-to for many A-listers, with pieces like:

  • the black leather bustier gown worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2000,
  • the Bollywood-inspired olive green gown worn by Anne Hathaway in 2010,
  • or the breathtaking navy and white ballgown worn by Rihanna in 2014.

Atelier Versace:

Having been on the Hollywood scene since the ‘90s, Atelier Versace have carved out a signature glamourous aesthetic. One of their defining fashion moments is the iconic studded leather gown worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 2000 Grammy Awards. Elegance and opulence are the two cornerstones of Atelier Versace, often achieved through intricate fabrics and beading. A few recently iconic gowns include:

  • the jewel-encrusted mermaid gown worn by Hilary Swank in 2006,
  • the feathers, sequins and corseted bodice combination worn by J.Law in 2015,
  • the diamond crafted, one shouldered gown worn by Jennifer Aniston in 2015.

Elie Saab:

Draping fabrics, intricate beading and subtle elegance, Elie Saab has become a coveted name on the red carpet. Drawing inspiration from traditional handicrafts and modern haute couture, Saab has dressed the likes of Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and Blake Lively. Some of his recent show-stopping gowns include:

  • the off-the-shoulder, ivory lace gown worn by Amber Heard in 2016,
  • the yellow and cream tulle gown worn by Salma Hayek in 2019,
  • the sheer, light pink lace gown worn by Julia Roberts earlier this year.

Calvin Klein:

Last but not least, Calvin Klein offers a non-traditional type of red carpet glamour. With the combination of modern silhouettes, subtle yet eye-catching detailing and experimental fabrics, celebrities have dressed the best in minimalist chic with this iconic brand. Some of their most unforgettable creations include:

  • the fabric draped, playfully cut black gown with red accents worn by Emma Stone in 2017,
  • the layered silk-satin robe and gown worn by Saoirse Ronan in 2019,
  • the classic all-white, straight cut ensemble worn by Margot Robbie in 2019.

1. Dressing the Celebrities: Inspiring Designers of Red Carpet Gowns

2. Inside Look: How Designers Create the Perfect Red Carpet Gown

Fashion designers create beautiful gowns for a coveted few: the actors and public figures lucky enough to stride down red carpets all over the world to take their place among the stars. From actors to singers to duchesses, their fairy-tale-like appearances owe much to the hard work of experienced fashion designers.

Understanding the Assignment

The first step in creating a perfect red carpet gown is understanding what the client wants. The designer will spend time talking to the client and getting to know their style, taste, and body shape. Once the designer knows the client’s preferences and basic elements for the gown, they can start the creative process.

Sketching and Crafting

Once the basics are understood, the designer starts sketching the gown on paper. They may bring together various colors, fabrics, and ideas while dreaming up the perfect dress. After the dress is sketched out, the samples are taken to the client for approval. The client then chooses the fabric and materials for the gown.

Making a Pattern and Sewing

After the fabrics and materials are selected, the designer starts making a pattern. This allows them to cut out the sections that will make up the garment. Once the pieces are cut, the garment is sewn together.

Adding Details and Embellishments

To finish the gown, the designer adds special details, such as beadwork, trims, and linings. Depending on the texture and fabric chosen, the designer may also choose to dye, add appliqué, embroidery, gather, and pleat, or embellish the garment with sequins and crystals.

Fitting the Gown

Once all the elements are put together, the ultimate test begins: fitting the garment on the client. The dress is then adjusted to fit the exact measurements of the body to ensure a perfect look. After all the fitting adjustments are finished, the dress is ready to walk the red carpet!

3. Recognizing the Talent: Recognizing the Behind-the-Scenes Designers

Often times the glory of designing spectacular products is credited to the lead designer of the project, yet without a dynamic team of behind-the-scenes designers, the project would never be accomplished. That’s why it’s essential for organizations to recognize the talent of the behind-the-scenes contributors to the whole team’s success.

The sheer amount of work put in by these designers is immense and often undiscovered. From creating the intricate schematics for new devices, to providing advice that impacts the functionality of the product, these designers provide critical contributions to the developing product.

The challenge comes with the ability to accurately recognize these behind-the-scenes designers. Here are 3 ways organizations can help recognize their talent:

  • Embrace Teamwork: Celebrate the team, rather than just individuals, for a project’s success and give credit to those who’ve done stellar work.
  • Ensure Growth: Provide recognized members the opportunity to grow with the company and give them the chance to share their ideas.
  • Acknowledge Importance: Allow team members to speak to their accomplishments and make sure they know their contributions matter.

Often, the importance of the behind-the-scenes designers is neglected within organizations. It is only with these designers’ innovative and creative input that products continue to impress and stores remain stocked. Recognizing the behind-the-scenes designers is an essential part of the employment process for any company and should never be overlooked.

In the fashion world, celebrities have largely been responsible for setting the trends. From world-renowned fashion supermodels to stars of the silver screen, celebrities are moving and shaking the fashion landscape today. But what impact do celebrity fashion trends have on the masses?

The presence of celebrities in the fashion world has skyrocketed in recent years. From appearing in fashion magazines to creating their own lines and designer labels, celebrities are now following or even surpassing the work of established fashion designers. The ability to instantly connect with fans on various social media platforms has further accelerated this trend. As a result, celebrity fashion has become a major source of style inspiration for fans.

Many popular celebrity fashion trends have become part of the mainstream culture. Some of these trends have included various hairstyles, sunglasses, and jewelry. What was once considered “hip” or “cool” by celebrities has quickly become adopted by the masses. Celebrity fashion has even had an impact on children’s fashion, with young fans wanting to dress like their favorite stars.

But one of the biggest impacts of celebrity fashion is that it can make fashion more affordable for the public. Many celebrities market their products and lines to fans of all budgets, often with designer-like styling but at discounted prices. This has made fashion more attainable for the average consumer and has encouraged them to try out the latest trends.

Lastly, celebrity fashion has inspired a change in the way fashion is created. Designers recognize the power of celebrity influence and cater to this trend by inviting celebrities to wear their designs to events, showcasing them on social media, and creating unique collaborations that bring together the fabulous world of fashion and popular celebrities.

When it comes to dressing for the red carpet, these are the incredible names behind the glitz and glamour. The looks they create not only have the power to make a statement, but also to make history. From exquisite pieces of art to simply timeless classic silhouettes, fashion designers truly have the power to dress the stars and to make every moment on the red carpet shine.

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