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The Modern Royalty of Kate Middleton’s Dress Choices


From the moment she stepped into the Royal spotlight at her wedding to Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton has become a symbol of fashion and style. From her classic wardrobe staples to her daring strokes of sartorial finesse and her bold trends, the Duchess of Cambridge has become an iconic example of modern-day royalty. Let’s take a closer look at the modern royalty of Kate Middleton’s dress choices.
The Modern Royalty of Kate Middleton's Dress Choices

1. The Majesty of Kate Middleton’s Fashion Choices

Since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, Kate Middleton’s fashion choices have been closely watched by the public and media alike. Her ability to select outfits that are both modern and classic has earned her the title of fashion icon.

From attending black-tie events to royal tours, Kate Middleton manages to dazzle at each and every one. Dress colors vary, ranging from primary brights to gorgeous nudes and metallics.

The Duchess of Cambridge undoubtedly knows how to make a statement. She knows which silhouettes look best on her mathematical frame and often showcases them, opting for hemlines that hit just below the knee and outlining her figure with an hourglass silhouette.

Investment pieces are also big part of her wardrobe repertoire, and she can be found wearing designer items from the likes of Lock & Co., Alexander McQueen, Gina Foster and Philip Treacy. Basic pieces from Zara, Jigsaw, Massimo Dutti, and L.K. Bennett are amongst her favorite, however, and are often paired with statement pieces to form an effortless look that she is renowned for.

When it comes to complementing her outfit of choice, accessories are part of her unique style. Her hat, usually set at a jaunty angle, makes its way to every formal event she attends. Clutches, earrings, bracelets, and flats complete her ensembles.

  • Dresses that hit just below the knee
  • Investment pieces from designer labels
  • High street pieces from Zara, Jigsaw, Massimo Dutti and L.K. Bennett
  • Hats set in a jaunty angle
  • Clutches, earrings, and flats

Kate Middleton has certainly proved that true style is a combination of all the little moments, and not just the large-scale detailing that comes with extravagant pieces.

1. The Majesty of Kate Middleton's Fashion Choices

2. Magnificent Gowns and Dresses of Royal Descent

The romantic visions of baroque gowns, luxurious materials and beautiful opulence have been a reflection of monarchy since the renaissance. There are few things quite as elegant as the grand pieces of clothing and garments that claimed their origins to some of the most prosperous royal families throughout history.

  1. Marie Antoinette: At the time of Marie Antoinette’s reign as queen of France, the extravagance and complexity of her clothing was unmatched – she was well-known for her vibrant fabrics, embroideries, lace, and stunningly embroidered gowns. Her collections were designed to dazzle, and during her tenure the French clothing scene reached for the echelons of grandeur.
  2. Ludwigsburg Porcelain: The fabrics of the House of Ludwigsburg were known for their stunning designs, lifelike figures, gold and silver details, and sophisticated floral ornaments, pioneering a world of beauty in the 1700s. As a royal court designer, he developed a completely unique textile fashion by painting with delicate lines, creating gorgeous motifs from underglaze colours and embodying nature in his designs.
  3. The Dutch Golden Age: Beyond the magnificence of the royal gowns of the Tegenwoordige was the Dutch Golden Age of fashion. The fabrics became opulent as well as delicate, featuring vibrant golds, intricate florals, exotic birds, lush landscapes, and elaborate designs. Throughout this period, clothing was often used to make a statement of wealth and the grandeur of the Dutch monarchy.
  4. Queen Victoria: During the Victorian era, Queen Victoria was a leader in fashion, showing how gowns should be designed and created with a regal bearing. Her clothing patterns and designs were intricate and elegant, and often graced with the finest fabrics from around the world. Her gowns were crafted with the utmost attention to detail, and her changing styles were often seen as a symbol of the monarchy.
  5. Queen Elizabeth II: Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe is filled with elegant garments, from custom-made suits and dresses to exquisite evening gowns. Her look is timeless, and each of her gowns is carefully chosen to embrace her position as Queen. Elizabeth’s wardrobe is known for its considerable range of styles, from royal and formal to modern, and showcases the best of both her fashion sense and her royal lineage.

For centuries, these gowns and dresses of royal descent have told stories of power, beauty, and grace. They are heirlooms that have the power to take us back in time, and remind us of the grandeur that once adorned the halls of the monarchy.

3. How Kate Middleton Upholds the Traditional Royal Look

The traditional royal look has been closely associated with the British Monarchy for centuries and Kate Middleton upholds that image with her fashion choices. Kate often takes cues from royals, such as the Queen and Princess Diana. Here’s how the Duchess of Cambridge opts for traditional royal designs:

  • Conservatism: Most of Kate’s looks feature traditional fabrics and silhouettes. She wears elegant dresses, coats, and skirts that don’t show too much skin. Her fashion style tends to shy away from loud patterns and colors.
  • Ornamentation: While Kate’s wardrobe is generally more subtle than other royals, she will occasionally choose ornamental pieces. She is often seen wearing brimming hats, ornate jewelry, and luxurious fabrics.
  • Navy, Black, and White: Navy, black, and white are the foundation of Kate’s wardrobe. She opts for darker-hued coats, blazers, and dresses frequently. She also wears a lot of white during the summer months.
  • Bold Colors: Although Kate wears darker colors more often, she isn’t afraid to make a statement with a bolder hue. She has been seen in bright green jumpsuits, blush pink dresses, and cobalt blue evening gowns.

Kate’s fashion choices always reflect a traditional British aesthetic, even against today’s trendier silhouettes. Her wardrobe is usually timeless, subtle, and tasteful with an occasional bombshell piece to spice it up. As the Duchess continues her duty as the Duchess of Cambridge, her wardrobe remains true to the classic monarchy ethos.

Kate’s natural hair style also upholding the traditional royal look. While she has experimented with different hair lengths and colors, she typically falls back to her signature blow-dried, side-swept look. The style is simple but still looks put-together and royal-like.

Overall, Kate Middleton continues to champion traditional royal style. Whether it’s in the form of elongated silhouettes, muted colors, or natural hair, the Duchess of Cambridge continues to own the classic British aesthetic. With her classic style, Kate also ushers in a new age of modern royalty and her style choices are admired by many.

4. Classically Contemporary: Kate Middleton’s Royal Style Redefined

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has earned millions of admirers due to her signature style of mixing classic, iconic fashion staples with modern, yet timeless touches. She has taken the world of royal fashion and injected a dose of contemporary energy that has failed to be replicated. Here is how the Duchess has revolutionised royal fashion in her own terms:

  • Daytime Looks: When out and about, the Duchess has become known for her signature dresses, prints and timeless colours. From polka dots and stripes to flattering pastel hues, Kate’s daytime looks are often understated yet exquisitely designed with a traditional flair. She loves to accessorise with a simple handbag and a pair of low-heeled pumps, which allow her to be comfortable and chic.
  • Business Attire: Whether on an official engagement or at a meeting of esteemed dignitaries, Kate’s business attire makes her an embodiment of sophistication. She epitomises the grace of a modern day Queen, often donning tailored skirtsuits in muted tones or tweed suits in timeless silhouettes. Bold hats are always part of the equation when it comes to completing her business attire.

It’s not just her apparel that the Duchess is known for. As with many celebrities, Kate’s hairstyle is often subject to scrutiny. She opts to keep things simple – a sleek blowout or stylish messy bob, with her signature highlights framing her face. Her formed waves make for a romantic yet classic look.

As far as eveningwear goes, the Duchess is a fan of floor-length gowns instead of the conventional tea length. For larger occasions, the Duchess opts for a more ornate dress adorned with delicate lace, crystal embroidery and elaborate necklines.

The Duchess of Cambridge has redefined the realm of royal style with her iconic looks that blend together traditional and modern vibes. She has created a luxurious yet accessible design aesthetic that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Without question, the Duchess of Cambridge has redefined what it means to be a modern-day royal. From her stylish coat dresses to laid-back ensembles, she has forever altered the public’s view of Tudor fashion. With each new dress that she wears, we get a glimpse of her one-of-a-kind style, and it’s easy to see why she has become the undisputed style icon of the royal family.

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