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Boho Accessories: Adding Bohemian Flair to Your Dress Look


For those who love to add a touch of bohemian flair to their personal style, boho accessories are the way to go. From jewelry to hair accessories, boho chic accessories can completely transform any outfit into a stunning, unique look. Keep reading to discover how to incorporate boho accessories into your wardrobe and make any outfit look fabulously bohemian.
Boho Accessories: Adding Bohemian Flair to Your Dress Look

1. How to Master the Bohemian Look with Accessories

One of the simplest ways to add Bohemian flair to your wardrobe is through accessories. With a few small key pieces, you can take any look from basic to chic. Here are some tips on how to accessorize with a Bohemian touch:

  • Hats: A wide-brimmed hat instantly adds an artistic, carefree vibe to your look, while baseball caps and beanies provide a street style edge.
  • Scarves: Adding a colorful scarf to your outfit can instantly pull the look together. Scarves are also great for bundling up on chilly days or for protecting yourself from the sun.
  • Jewelry: Nothing says “bohemian” like jewelry with folkloric, tribal motifs. Big, bold jewelry is especially great for making an artistic statement. Layering necklaces, rings, and earrings is an easy way to make your outfit more dynamic.
  • Bags: When it comes to handbags, look for anything with tassels, fringe, or metal decorations. Bags with a hint of boho-rebel look are the perfect accessory for this style.
  • Footwear: Let your feet take part in the boho trend! Gladiator sandals, lace-up ankle boots, and beaded flats are ideal to complete your look.
  • Above all, the key to mastering bohemian-style accessorizing is to experiment and have fun. Whether you are embracing your inner 70’s fashion diva or indulging in low-key, vintage vibes, accessories are your secret weapon for achieving a truly boho style.

    1. How to Master the Bohemian Look with Accessories

    2. Stylish Boho Accessories for the Dressy Chick

    If you’re looking for stylish boho accessories that will raise your dressing game, you’ve come to the right place! As a dressy chick, you know it’s the little details that can make a world of difference. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest boho accessories you can add to your wardrobe.

    1. Statement Necklaces

    • Nothing boosts your look like a great statement necklace. Look out for collar-style or layered necklaces in brass, gold and silver to really make an impact.
    • Choose interesting shapes, such as triangles, stars or swirls, for a hint of boho chic.

    2. Scarves

    • Scarves are always in fashion, and when you add a boho-inspired pattern to the mix, they become the perfect accessory to take you from casual to dressy in an instant.
    • Think tribal prints, polka dots and stripes, or go luxe with a paisley pattern in rich colors.

    3. Fringe Bags

    • Add a hint of Western chic with a fringe bag. Go for a classic saddle bag in tanned leather, or go for a strong summer look with a bucket handbag in vibrant colors.
    • For extra street style cred, choose bright florals, embroidered patches or woven details.

    4. Earrings

    • Put the final touch to your dressy ensemble with a pair of statement earrings. Choose hammered gold or silver hoops for a classic look, or boho-up with a pair of dangling tassel earrings.
    • Be daring and go for a mix of metals, or opt for asymmetrical styles for an edgier look.

    With the right combo of stylish boho accessories, you’ll be ready for any dressy occasion. Go for bright colors and eye-catching statements pieces that will make you stand out in the crowd and be remembered for all the right reasons.

    3. Layer Your Look with Boho Bling

    Boho inspired looks get all the attention right now and what’s not to love? From tees and jeans to flowy maxi dresses, they scream effortless style. But to really take it up a notch, you must layer your look with the perfect boho bling.

    • Chunky Turquoise Necklaces: These statement pieces are a great way to bring out any outfit with a touch of vibrancy and vintage charm. Choose from chunky long necklaces adorned with carved turquoise stones or ones that feature short multicolored beads.
    • Colorful Charms: Make your look unique and playful by adding colorful charms. Layer up beaded necklaces with different length chains and pair with bangles made of acrylic stones and gold cuffs.
    • Dreamcatcher & Feather Earrings: Dreamcatcher earrings are a great way to accentuate your look, especially when combined with feather earrings. Choose from large to small dreamcatcher earrings and mix and match with feather earrings for maximum effect.
    • Tribal Inspired Cuffs:Boho-inspired cuffs are perfect for making a bold style statement. Look for cuffs with intricate tribal patterns and combine with leather and beaded bracelets for a unique look.

    Whether you prefer subtle or over the top, there are plenty of ways to get into the boho bling trend. Opt for delicate pieces and combine with denim cut-offs for a relaxed summer look, or go all out with chunky turquoise necklaces, colorful charms, and tribal cuffs. Pick pieces that showcase your personal style and vibe and most importantly, have fun with it!

    4. Rock Spells and Charms: Boho Accessorizing Tips

    Are you looking for a boho-inspired rock spell look? Here are a few tips that can help you accessorize and melt your inner rock star with some stylish pieces.

    • Statement Necklaces: This one goes without saying. Add instant drama to your look by donning a statement necklace. You can find some with bold details like intricate detail, bold stones, chunky silver or gold, etc.
    • Leather Bracelets: If you’re looking to add an edgy and Bohemian touch to your look, opt for a few vibrant leather bracelets. These can be matched with almost any outfit and lend that rustic bohemian touch.
    • Layered Rings: Moreover, add some rock spell flair to your look with layered rings. Here’s an opportunity to work with your charm game and layer up the rings in the most stylish way. Of course, ensure that your ensembles and your rings are in sync.
    • Rhinestone Brooches: Want something unusual? Add a glint of glam with rhinestone brooches. Irrespective of the outfit, these will give that retro boho rock edge.

    Also, it is important to ensure that you go for a mix and match look with these boho pieces. To truly get the Bohemian vibe, you should not stick to one theme, color, or look. That’s how you rock your Bohemian charm and express your creativity. Additionally, when selecting jewelry, you should always think of whether it goes with your outfit. After all, you wouldn’t want an evening ensemble matched with a laidback Bohemian piece.

    Finally, you should also remember to stick with your personal preference when it comes to Bohemian rock accessories. Every accessory piece speaks for you and expresses your personalities, style, and attitude. So go ahead and try that Bohemian-mingle look with some interesting statement pieces.

    So why not step out of the box, as they say? Add a splash of boho flair to your look with the right combination of accessories. Not only do boho items make a bohemian statement, but they are also a great way to express your individuality and style. Embrace the old-world glamour of boho and make a style statement!

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