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Destination Dressing: Beachy Dresses for Ocean Adventures


Are you looking for the perfect dress to take on your next beach vacation? Summer is here, and it’s time to look into something beachy and chic! Destination Dressing introduces you to a selection of beautiful beachy dresses that are perfect for all your ocean adventures and getaways. With fun colors, light fabrics, and unique details, these dresses will bring a sparkle to any summertime outing.
Destination Dressing: Beachy Dresses for Ocean Adventures

1. Gliding into Summer: Beachy Dresses for Ocean Adventures

As the long summer days near, it’s time we all start dreaming of our oceanic adventures. And what better way to do that than slip on some breezy beachy dresses?

Whether you opt for a flattering waist-cinched sundress, a bohemian-vibe maxi dress, or a retro-chic sheath, there are plenty of options to choose from. Enough to transition you from late-spring days to the hottest days of summer.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The fit. Nothing beats a dress that fits you like a glove. Choose garments that skim your curves and show off your best features.
  • The fabric. You’ll want to make sure you opt for breathable natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and rayon that will keep you cool while still providing UV protection.
  • The details. When it comes to beachy dresses, the details are what really matter. Look out for tropical prints, delicate crochet trims, and tassel ties—all great for adding a touch of beach-babe vibes.

The good news is that there’s a dress for everyone this summer. If you prefer low-key classics, a classic A-line spaghetti-strap dress is all you need! But if you’re looking for a trendier look, scour for embroidery, off-the-shoulder cuts, and wrap silhouettes that will guarantee all eyes are on you wherever you go.

So, go ahead and start planning all your beach outings; beachy dresses are here to make packing and planning easier than ever.

1. Gliding into Summer: Beachy Dresses for Ocean Adventures

2. Get Ready for a Seaside Retreat in Style

So you’re heading to the seaside for a long-awaited retreat. You’re all packed and you can practically smell the sea air already! But wait – you can’t leave until you pay tribute to the gods of fashion, or “style gods” as they’re often referred to. Here are some tips to ensure you’re dressed appropriately for your retreat.

Bring the Classics
The resort look is classic, so pack some timeless wardrobe pieces that never age. Think a crisp white shirt, a blue gingham shirt dress, or relaxed khaki trousers. Go for items you can mix and match, like denim shorts, lightweight sundresses, leather gladiator sandals and fedora hats.

Max Out on Neutrals
Monochrome is the go-to choice and will serve as a neuramoring outing. Opt for neutral tones like beige, off-white and ivory that will blend in with the beach background. When selecting accessories, pick metallic shades and gauzy fabrics that will keep the relaxed vibe.

Watch Out for the Elements
A few lightweight scarves and cardigans will also come in handy when there’s a chill in the air or when the sun goes down. Stick to lightweight materials and breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton. And a rain poncho never goes amiss.

Things to Note

  • A good pair of sunglasses – the brighter the better!
  • Sensible but stylish sandals
  • Swimsuits and cover-ups!
  • Statement jewellery for that extra pop of sparkle

It’s time to get packing and ensure you’re ready for a stylish retreat. So what are you waiting for?

3. Pick the Perfect Beach Dress for Your Next Getaway

When the Summer season is approaching, it is time to plan those beach getaways- and what better way to do it than in a perfect beach dress? Whether you are looking for a classic, effortless look, or something that is modern and unique, there are plenty of options available. Here are a few great tips to help you .

Choose the Right Material

When selecting a beach dress for your getaway, start with the material. You want something that is comfortable and breathable, as well as lightweight. Aim for fabrics such as linen, lightweight cotton, or chiffon. They are perfect for keeping you cool in the Summer season.

Pick the Ideal Style

Beach dresses come in a range of different styles. Consider big sleeved gowns, floor length maxi-dresses, flowy rompers, kaftans with beautiful embroidery, and wrap-style dresses. The key is to choose something that is comfortable and easy to throw on. One-shoulder fits are bold and sophisticated- perfect for making a statement.

Go for Bright Colors and Interesting Prints

Beach getaways are the perfect opportunity to show off a vibrant style. Make sure you opt for colors and prints that are fun and eye-catching. Polka dots, pastel shades, and stripes are always a good starting point, or you can opt for tropical prints for a more exotic look.

Find the Perfect Accessories

Don’t forget the details! Every beach dress outfit needs the right accessories. Consider:

  • A wide brimmed hat to avoid sunburn
  • A dainty necklace for something elegant
  • A pair of stylish sunglasses
  • Bold, statement earrings
  • A beach bag for all your essentials

For the ultimate beach look, pair your chosen beach dress with a pair of stylish sandals. You’ll be ready to hit the beach and make a lasting impression.

4. Making Waves On and Beyond the Beach

Take a Dive into Surf Culture

The popularity of surfing has certainly taken off this summer! Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just getting started, there are plenty of ways to make waves on and beyond the beach. It’s time to experience the thrill and take the plunge into the world of surf culture. Here are some of the most iconic surf spots around the world worth checking out:

  • Hawaii’s Waimea Bay: Get ready to take on big waves at this famous spot known for its winter surfing season.
  • Teahupo’o, Tahiti: This spot is home to one of the most dangerous waves on the planet, so be extra careful if you’re an experienced surfer.
  • Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa: This is a popular spot for beginners thanks to its consistent waves.
  • Bells Beach, Australia: Another great place for beginners to learn the ropes; plus, it’s the home of the annual Bells Beach surf competition.

If you’re looking to get a deeper dive into surf culture, you can explore the many creative outlets related to the sport. Painting, photography, writing, music, and film are just a few of the mediums surfers are using to express themselves. Look into the words of surf poets like Jack London, the imaginative visuals of iconic surf photographer John Severson, and the legendary music of surf rock greats like The Beach Boys. You may also want to check out some of the amazing surf films chronicling the lives of surfers from around the world.

If you’re interested in a real-life glimpse into the world of surf culture, consider hanging out at your local surf shop. These shops often host camping trips, surf competitions, and other activities to strengthen community bonds and encourage the next generation of surfers. Most importantly, they serve as open forums where surfers of all skill levels can come together to swap stories and gain knowledge from each other.

So what are you waiting for? Go make some waves!

When it comes to dressing for your next beach adventure, the perfect blend of fashion and function will take you to paradise in no time. From frilly frolics to flirty florals, beachy dresses have long been a staple of coastal-cool looks. So if you’re searching for your perfect ocean companion, don’t forget to add destination dressing to your packing list!

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